For easily distracted readers

crafted to keep focus between paragraphs

AttentionSaver scrolling

Guided Focus

Navigating the vast worlds of text can be challenging, making it hard to stay focused.

With a simple button press, masks will guide your attention, allowing you to effortlessly concentrate on the sections you're reading.

Noise Cancelling for Reading

While there are many tools available for decluttering or extracting, none offered a straightforward solution without complications.

Our inspiration was clear: to create a seamless and effortless experience, akin to noise cancelling for reading.

As a slow and easily distracted reader, our team member faced the struggle of maintaining focus, particularly when immersed in lengthy articles from reputable sources like NYT, WSJ, WP, and more.

Given the significance of this challenge, we dedicated time to create AttentionSaver – a solution that has effectively saved our attention during extended reading sessions.

A Reader's Journey

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